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Free help is a phone call away.

Free help is a phone call away.

Worried about keeping up with your mortgage?

Find a certified housing counselor today to learn about your options.

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Your house, your home.

Understand all your options to keep your home at a cost you can afford.

Your house is more than a place to live. It’s your sanctuary, filled with meaning and cherished memories. It’s also a legacy that can be passed down to your loved ones. But the past few years have been challenging for everyone. Many are struggling to keep up with bills, including their mortgage. 

If you’re worried about keeping your home, you’re not alone. Talking with a certified housing counselor who can explain all your options can help you keep your home at a cost you can manage. It’s free and confidential, from a source you can trust.

Worried about paying your mortgage?

A housing counselor can explain all of your options so you can stay on track.

Received a foreclosure notice?

It’s not too late to talk to a housing counselor
and learn what options you still have.