Foreclosure Prevention

Free help is a phone call away.

Free help is a phone call away.

Your home, your legacy

Home is more than a roof over your head. It is a place for family, a place you cherish, a place you may hope to pass on someday. In these tough times, many people are struggling. If you’re worried about keeping your home, you are not alone.

Help is available to all Oregonians from certified housing counselors who offer sound advice and guidance. Housing counselors are knowledgeable, dedicated, and experienced professionals who specialize in helping families in various stages of their housing experience.

The assistance is free, confidential, and available in multiple languages. 

Help is available now

The following are some of the programs and resources available to eligible Oregon homeowners. A certified housing counselor can help you navigate all of the options available to you.

Homeowner Assistance Fund

If you experienced financial hardship due to the pandemic, you may be eligible for help through the Oregon Homeowner Assistance Fund. The Oregon Homeowner Assistance Fund helps those who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments and other housing expenses.

Eligible homeowners who apply for relief through the Oregon Homeowner Assistance Fund may qualify for one or both of the following programs:

Past-Due Payment Relief
The Past-Due Payment Relief Program provides eligible homeowners with money to eliminate or reduce past-due eligible housing costs, including payments under a forbearance plan, forward or reverse mortgages, property taxes, insurance, homeowners’ association (HOA) dues, and more.

Ongoing Payment Relief
The Ongoing Payment Relief Program provides eligible homeowners with money to cover all or some of their monthly mortgage and housing cost payments going forward.

Eligible homeowners include those who meet program income limit requirements, have experienced financial hardship after January 21, 2020 due to the pandemic, as well as other requirements as part of the phased opening of assistance.

Steps You Can Take

  • Create a budget – Many Homeownership Centers offer financial education for homeowners.
  • Review loan documents – Familiarize yourself with how payments are credited and what your rights or responsibilities are if you miss mortgage payments.
  • Pay property taxes – In Oregon, property taxes are due November 15 each year and can be paid in installments.
  • Fix errors on your statement – If you see an error or incorrect information on your statement, send a request (by certified mail if possible) to your lender and continue making your regular payments while it is corrected.