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Current Application Cycle:
Opened on: June 14 at Noon..
Apply by: June 20 at Noon.

Reverse Mortgage Benefit

The Reverse Mortgage Benefit is for homeowners with a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) that is behind due to charges¬ (including taxes, insurance and homeowner association fees) advanced by their lender. To fully reinstate the account, this program can provide a maximum benefit up to $40,000, paid directly to the reverse mortgage servicer.


Use the links below to guide you through the application process.


NOTE: The benefit is provided in the form of a no-interest, five-year forgivable loan for which a lien will be recorded against the property.



Learn how to apply
If you need help or have questions, contact OHCS at homeowner.help@hcs.state.or.us.
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